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Donna Atkinson-Wilson

Founder and public relations
Donna sits as the CEO on the Board and she founded the charity in March 2003.
Over the years, Donna has been a major voice for homelessness in London and area. Her dedication to this project is outstanding.


Hazel Wilmot

Dearness Knitting Program Volunteer
Hazel is a brilliantly gifted woman and is our “go-to” person for anything crafty including beadwork. She is an active member as well with the Canadian Embroiders' Guild and Rotary. Joined 2003.

Cheryl Schram

Cheryl is the Treasurer and long time supporter of KKW.

An employee at LTC.

Cheryl has first hand experience seeing the need in Our City.

And is dedicated to helping Us, Helping these Homeless Teens.


Peggy Mollard-DeMelo

Peggy has been with Us almost 5 years.

She is a Director with Us.

Peggy now does the "Survival Bags " . 100 bags are given out every year to Our Homeless Youth.


Maureen Wilson 

Maureen Wilson is a Director At Arms.

She helps with Fundraising and delivering Items for Us.


Dianne Dickson

Dianne has come on board to take care of our website. She has past experience in website design and development. Dianne has supported KKW for several years now and has volunteered at past events. 

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