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Dave,s Ride for KKW from London to Toronto

This is Dave  McCallum and Donna,
He is a friendand Huge Supporter of Keeping Kids Warm- Helping Homeless Teens One Stitch At A Time.
Dave is taking on the task of raising Awareness and Donations to Our Cause.
As Dave pointed out today, Homeless is becoming a serious problem in Our Community.
Dave has been a huge help to Us over the past 10 years. He is hoping this Ride will bring Us recognitionof all the work we have done in Our Community.
Dave is hoping to do this Trek in one Day. Sunday July 7th.
Leaving London early in the morning.
Reaching the CN Tower the same day.
He will be accepting donations from now and including the day of the Ride.
We at Keeping Kids Warm will be giving Dave our full support. Anyone wanting to be at the Tower when he arrives or along the route will be more than welcome.
Donna will be there at the bottom of the Tower when he arrives.
Thank You Dave McCallum.
A big thanks to Beth James for taking the Pictures.
Donations can be send to

Well ,He did it. Dave McCallum made it over 210kms to the CNTower .

There are no words to describe what this adventure from a good, kind Dear Friend and Supporter of means to us. 
I want to Also thank Dave's Family and Friends for their encouragement and support to him on this venture.

He is one of the most Community Spirited People we know. He has been and I'm sure will continue his missions of kindness and support to everything He does. 
Dave need to rest and heal. Hes got some nasty 
Again, thank you all for the support. Dave You rocked this.. xoxo 
Dirty Bird was the best... private joke..
Let's just say He needed food and He knew exactly the right place to go.
Thanks Dave xoxo

Here some Pictures from his Ride :

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