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Hello Friends! I am announcing a bit of a challenge for all Our Knitting / Crocheting Friends.

Starting September 1st 2020 we are having a Contest ! Making poppies for Our Banner this year for Remembrance Day and Our Homeless Vets.

For anyone who wants to be involved.

For every 10 poppies You make! You will receive 2 ballots to be put in The Draw!

You must send a pic , and join your poppies together .Because we cant do it together as we have in the past.


This is how we will do it. Covid style The Contest will run till October 31st. 2020 The winner will be picked from a large container and they will win this beautiful " Poppy Bear" plus a scent pack of Your choice. I hope we can do better than we did two years ago. Also, if anyone who is not part of Our Group but wants to help. You are welcome to participate.

Please send Picture of Poppie to

or through our messenger on the Keepingkidswarm Facebook Page

or send picture and info to Donna's cellphone 519-860-5238

PLEASE don't send it to this website.


Thank You Donna

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