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Hazel is not only a Member on the Board, she is also a great Volunteer , helping us with getting Hats and Mittens for our Homeless Youth in the Winter.

She put together a knitting group at the Dearness Senior home. She did it for 12 years on a weekly basis and this group helped us a lot with the scarfs, Mittens and Hats desperately needed in the winter.

And of course, she didn't stop there. She is still knitting for us and we have a few people from the group that supports us with more knit ware.

Big Hugs and Thanks for putting this awesome Group together and all the help from the past 12 years and the years to come..


Ken Wilmott  Ken was a wonderful Friend and Volunteer for 16 years.

He would step up and help with anything He could. He designed and built Our shelves at the storage locker.

He would do all of the pick ups and drop offs with Hazel, including all the classes we taught together at Huron College for 9 years.

He was always a happy Chef for all Our dinners and was quite good at it. He was a Dear Friend to Me as well. He nominated Me through The Rotary Club to receive the Paul Harris Award. I was very honoured to receive this award. Its given for humanitarism, kindness and being a good Person to The Community.


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